Strengthening Our Economy and Creating Jobs

John Vasquez believes that improving Solano County’s economy and creating good jobs are his highest priority as Supervisor. Throughout his 8 years on the Board, John has worked to bring new businesses and good paying jobs to Solano County.

As co-owner of Vasquez Deli, John has experience employing local residents and managing a business. He understands that County government must proactively support our local businesses to encourage growth, promote commerce and create jobs.

John has earned the endorsements of the Fairfield/Suisun and Vacaville Chamber’s of Commerce because they know he is the best person to lead Solano County towards a better economy.

Education and Our Youth

As a graduate of Vacaville High School, John Vasquez is a firm believer in providing a strong educational system for our youth here at home. John has worked to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and opportunities for students to succeed.

John has also taken on the challenge of fighting childhood obesity. By sponsoring the Childhood Obesity Conference, John brought community partners, government agencies and public health practitioners together to find methods for positive change to this epidemic.

Public Safety and Preventing Gang Violence

Supervisor John Vasquez is committed to providing a safe community for all our families. Even during budget cut backs, our public safety service must be protected and remain at full strength. John will ensure our Solano County law enforcement agencies have the staff levels and equipment they need to keep us safe.

Preventing our youth from joining gangs is one of John’s main concerns. Through programs like the Safe Streets Gang Enforcement Task Force and the Probation Juvenile Division’s Weekend Academy Program, John believes we can steer our kids away from gangs and effectively eliminate them from our community.

John’s endorsed by Sheriff Gary Stanton, the District Attorney’s Association and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Government Efficiency / Budget

As a small business owner for over 30 years, John Vasquez knows how to stretch a dollar and watch the bottom line. With the recent economic downturn, he is a primary reason why Solano County remains one of the most financially stable counties in California.

John is the leading voice for a smaller government - making our County more efficient and streamlined. He has helped craft a balanced budget by reducing spending and protecting reserve funds. John is a strong fiscal conservative who makes the tough decisions when it comes to building and maintaining a responsible budget which pinches pennies without sacrificing important services.

Under John’s leadership, the Solano County Board of Supervisors has taken on the difficult task of making essential budget cuts and negotiating benefit concessions from county employees during these difficult economic times.

Protecting Agriculture

As a member of the Solano County Farm Bureau for 40 years, John understands how important agriculture is to both our community and economic engine. 

Last year, John led the Board of Supervisors as they created and passed the new Solano County General Plan with the highest levels of support in County history. John was proud to establish a commitment to responsible, city-centered growth which has kept 95% of development within the cities of Solano County – protecting agricultural land and preventing sprawl.